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The Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Weight Loss Without Dieting

There are basic principles that drive success.

Fitness is no different.

So, how do you lose fat without dieting?

Well, simple - success comes to those who relentlessly execute the basics.

So, here's what I'm going to show you:

How to lose and keep off unwanted fat without dieting and hating your body so that you can start to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

How to build your best yet body the safest and most efficient way possible using just 30 minutes a day so you can have more energy to be present with your kids.

How to follow a nutrition plan that improves your life rather than consumes it, so you can still enjoy your favorite parties and holidays and still achieve your goal.

You’ll discover the exact 30 Minute Method I instill with my clients inside the 30in30 Coaching Program to help moms like you radically transform their mind and body and start to feel more like they’re old self and overall happy and energized.

What I'm not going to do is.....

Push another detox or all-in-one fix it cleanse or supplement pill.

Tell you to cut out all sugar, carbs, and favorite cocktails

Put you on any of the fad diets that are polluting the fitness industry right now.

Let's dive into:

3 Simple Strategies for Postpartum Weight Loss

The strategies you can instantly implement right now to radically transform your mind and body that most well meaning trainers don’t talk about because they either don’t know it or don’t know how to help you implement it.

How do I know? Because I’ve personally gone through it.

And if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve tried to get fit before and tried to implement, “Eat Less and Move More,” but it didn’t work long term and left you feeling, tired, hungry and miserable.

Transformation is often simple but not always easy.

1) Detox Your Mind: 

Your Physique Depends on How You Feel About Your Body

The first component that often gets neglected is the mind and body connection. What most people don’t realize is that your physique actually depends on how you feel about your body. Let me explain.

Your brain is broken up into 3 sections: the prefrontal cortex which is the analytical part of the brain, responsible for all the left side thinking.

The right side of the brain, the mammalian brain, where your subconscious lives and where your emotional life lives. 

Then you have your reptilian brain which is 100% responsible for your survival. This reptilian brain regulates the central nervous system responsible for your fight or flight stress response which is responsible for keeping you alive.

The reptilian brain is also the home of our habits and we are 100% habitual creatures, and we LOVE automation. 

In fact, research shows us that 95% of how we process information is done on a subconscious level and done through automation. Here’s an example. Think about the last time that you drove or even walked to some place you do on a consistent basis? How many of the lights were red? How many were yellow? Do you know how many lights you have to go through to get to your destination?

Chances are if you’re like most people, you can’t remember which is an example of your brain relying on your habits. 

But the problem is that anytime you’re trying to change a habit, even if it’s a good habit that will serve you, your brain will fight you thinking it’s a matter of life or death. Your brain will send you urges to do the habit.

So, if you’re in the habit of constantly dieting, or telling yourself how you’re ugly and fat then  your brain is treating these stories as habits needed for your survival. 

The good news? You CAN change the habits to actually serve you. 

For my client Nora, all it took was for her to finally notice the constant language she was using to consistently beat herself up which was keeping her trapped and stuck. Running the constant loop of, “I can never stick to any plan and I can never lose weight” was an identity that she didn’t realize she was just REINFORCING. Once we started to change the mental chatter she had around her exercise habits, her body, and her relationship with food she finally was able to not only ACCEPT her body as it is today and get off the dieting hamster wheel, she ALSO started to finally started to drop body fat which she hadn’t been able to do in years.

2) Manage Your Meals

People get into calorie math of “Eat Less and Move More” because of the law of thermodynamics which states that you can’t create or destroy energy. 

So, if you want to burn off fat, you have to consume less calories than you use in a day.

Now listen, this is true, it’s a law and it’s a fact….

But people start to think that more is better and end up cutting calories so low they put their metabolism into a stress which will cause the body to HOLD ON TO FAT. 

Outside of extenuating circumstances, your body will not let you diet yourself to death. 

Think about it? If it is was just as simple as eat less and move more then no one would ever hit a plateau and there would only be ONE one-size-fit-all diet and no one would struggle.

Find the Goldilocks calorie deficit that will keep your hormones balanced and keep your gut healthy.

A good place to start:

Protein, Veggies and Water at every meal.

This combo will help you manage your hunger and cravings because the fiber is harder to digest and because the slow release of insulin into the bloodstream which will trigger your brain to tell you that you’re full.

It breaks down into amino acids which will replace dead sells, support hormone health, and support lean muscles to give you the tone look. 

Nutrition is supposed to improve your life, not consume it.

3) Master Your Movement

Prioritize strength training and walking with cardio on the side.

Most people start training for 5ks or get on the treadmill or get into their favorite spin class, but excessively low calorie intake and too little strength training can send your metabolism into the ground and stop fat loss in its tracks and here’s why:

TDEE the total daily energy expenditure. How many calories burned per day, and you’ll notice that the majority of the calories used is used by your resting metabolic rate...or your base metabolic rate which means the baseline of how fast your body uses energy, that baseline is directly related to the amount of lean mass in the body and how hard it works. 

The truth about the RMR is that it’s determined mostly by genetics. So, when you hear people saying “I want to speed up my metabolism” what they’re really saying that they want to increase lean muscle on their body and they want to put it under an appropriate amount of stress to increase the calorie burn during the day. 

Strength training is directly correlated to the amount of lean muscle mass on the body. 

Now a lot of women get nervous about “getting bulky,” and while bulk is subjective, the type of training and eating that is required for women to pack on large amounts of muscle is extensive, very specific, and often takes YEARS given that we don’t have the same hormone profile as our male counterparts.

Notice another  large portion of  energy used throughout your day: NEAT “non exercise activity thermogenesis.” This is the energy used for EVERYTHING else it takes to exist that’s not considered traditional exercise like movement, figit, standing, sleeping, building and restoring inside your body.

Increasing your NEAT activity with walking is going to have two major effects on your physique: 

1) You’re going to increase your caloric burn and as long as you’re in a goldilocks calorie deficit you will lose weight and 

2) You’re going to actually activate the parasympathetic nervous system which means calming your stress which will give your body permission to lose unwanted body fat.

If you want a daily accountability checklist to implement these three steps. You can download here.

You want to follow a periodized efficient training program like the 30in30 that will show you exactly what to do each day that will help you prioritize strength training, add the perfect amount of cardio, increase NEAT activity, and manage stress.



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