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10 Ways to Add More Vegetables in your Daily Meals

One of the first challenges I usually give my 1:1 coaching clients is to increase their vegetable intake. At first, I like to spend my time focusing on ADDING more to their diet than restricting, resisting, and white-knuckling through the day around food.

However, increasing vegetable intake tends to be one of the more challenging tasks for many of my clients.  I work with a lot of clients who struggle to manage a #momlife schedule between nursing, juggling toddlers/kids, and sometimes a full-time work load outside the home, and who believe that vegetable intake has to be complicated and/or time consuming.

I felt the same way, but then I realized my children mirror my behavior. I want them to eat vegetables too, and I know I need to lead by example. Below you'll fine 10 ways to introduce more vegetables into your diet.

  1. Eat vegetables you like

It sounds super simple, but write out a list of the vegetables you actually enjoy. Many people come to me convinced they only need to...

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