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Health pros, are you ready to finally unlock consistent 10k months online using your content without having a massive following or spending thousands on ads.

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Health pros, are you ready to finally unlock consistent 10k months online using your content without having a massive following or spending thousands on ads.

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If your health and wellness business isn't consistently and effortlessly...

, connecting, and converting people into purchasers (without having to live on all the social platforms)...

Systematically onboarding new customers excited to work with you without having to increase your work hours or hire a massive team.

Producing massive client results without having to work 12-14 hour days trading $ for hour...

Then chances are your offer messaging are missing the mark.

Good news! There's an easier and faster way to systematically set yourself apart from other fitness professionals without sacrificing your authenticity.

What if was easy to build out and prove a high converting leveraged program designed to help you get to consistent 10k months?

We have used these exact formulas to 
help our clients generate consistent $10k-$40k months.

You can’t truly and successfully grow your business until you nail your offer and message.

The average salary for a PT is 25-45k per year depending on your location.

Even high level RDs who spend HOURS on their education, and internships with often top out with their 75k salary.

The truth? Most skilled high achieving coaches are still living paycheck to paycheck, and getting burnt the eff out and barely getting paid for skill and expertise that is life changing to someone.

And I probably don't have to tell you that there are coaches out there who are less qualified than you generating 50-100k per month. So, the real question is: why?

What have the smart successful coaches figured out that the majority of coaches haven’t? Why does success seem to be reserved for the few and most continue to struggle?

Well, they don’t teach you how to build a business in school. In fact they literally teach you to lean into a business model that's broken because you leave wanting to fill your calendar up with 1 on1s. 

It's exactly what the gyms teach you, and you're potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table and running the fast track to burn out.


Because there are literally only so many hours in the day, and even if you filled up EVERY SINGLE hour in your day with clients at say $45-$250 an hour depending on where you live, your level of expertise, and level of confidence in selling at that rate.

This means that in order to max out at 40k a month which could honestly be a really good living for A LOT of people…..

Except it means you’re looking at FORTY hours of training sessions a week for 50 weeks of the year….

So, how are you going to work out? Go on vacation? Start a family? Spend time with your friends?

What about acquiring the lead? How many calls/DMs would you need to do in order to make that work? How much time is it taking you to create and build the content you need to even reach potential new clients?

Let alone build and out the programs for 40 sessions a week?

Even in the gym the busiest full-time trainer there was doing 30 sessions a week, and the work days were long because everyone wanted prime time spots.

So you’re faced with: working morning till night AND responsible for: up keep with lead generation, fulfilling on the offer, and in order to grow and scaling hiring coaches, and other people to handle the admin. So, your 40k a month will look a lot different after expenses and what will you do if a client gets sick or doesn’t show? 

Chances are you didn’t get into building a business just to create another prison, another job you hate…

Most people have built businesses that aren’t scalable and literally leave thousands on the table in the hopes that it’ll figure itself out one day….

Here is what the highly skilled and achieving coach  realizes:

You must learn how to build a profitable leveraged offer, sell it, and scale yourself.

So, if you don’t figure out how, then how are you expected to get out of the cycle of financial stress? 

This is exactly why I've created the PT Profit Formula, and starting this jumpstart. This program gives you EVERYTHING you need to start and scale your health & fitness to consistent 10k months and beyond online the fastest most efficient way possible. - guaranteed.

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A month to month membership to execute a proven process to finally create consistent 10k months...


Here's What's Inside for You

Weekly LIVE Trainings and Q and As to Help You Turn Your Science into Sales and Find the new, unique, and revolutionary method to stand apart in the 1% of coaches. 

Detailed Short Consumable Curriculum that you have instant access to while being a member to help you craft a premium offer and automate $$ in your business so you can STOP trading dollar for hour, and actually leverage your time to earn more by working less without sacrificing client results.

Create Clients on Demand Organically using a proven  content creation process that most people don't use designed to help you attract raving fans excited to work with you without using sleazy sales tactics.

Rapid Launched and Live Method. A pressure-free lean launch designed to get your program up and validated within 30 days. 

A Video | Audio and Text Group to get weekly support and extra support during our time together.

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Bonus Training

High Converting Conversation Process without Pressure 


The simple training I used to close over 40k in one day with five 30 minute phone calls without using high pressure sleazy sales tactics. 

Bonus Training

30 Days of Done for You Attraction Content

No one became a coach to be a content creator, and no one can buy from the internets best kept secret...
Which is why I'm including these proven and powerful pieces of content so that you can sell without selling on social media.

Bonus Training

All The Tech Behind Your Offer

Turn the complicated tech components into a simple step-by-step easy to set up using this  follow along training to help with all of the nuts and bolts of setting up your program.

We'll walk through free and affordable options to help you get your program up and running within 30 days.

See Why People Rave About This Training

PT Profit Formula Jumpstart Month to Month Membership - 
Build a Proven Premium Program + 3 bonus trainings and templates

  • Detailed Lifetime Access to Curriculum to help you design and test a premium offer so you can stop trading $$ for hour and earn more by working less.
  •  Create Clients on Demand with Content using proven tools and templates to help you find YOUR OWN voice.
  • Content Calendar process: Build 30 days of content in 1 hour.
  •  Rapid Launched and Live Method.  A pressure free lean launch designed to get your program up and validated within 30 days.
  • CUSTOMIZED AI that knows all of the frameworks  designed to automate highly converting content so that you can save time and increase income and impact.
  • BONUS: High Converting Conversation Process without Pressure
  • BONUS: 30 Days of Done for You Attraction Content so that all the guess work is taken out of knowing what to post and when to post it.
  • BONUS: All the Tech Behind Your Offer Turn the complicated tech components into a simple step-by-step easy to set up using this  follow along training to help with all of the nuts and bolts of setting up your program.


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Former District Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan turned 6-figure Online Personal Training Business Owner and a whole lotta lessons learned later…
Hi! I’m Beverley, and when I first became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. Fitness transformed my life. I stopped living in a narcissistic mindset, started loving my body, and helped my clients live a healthy diet free lifestyle.
I got up every morning and hustled in the gym from 6am until 8pm, day in and day out, wanting more than anything to help people feel free from the current and common miserable lifestyles.
I believed that in order to make that happen I needed to become the smartest trainer in the building because science is linear and would help me serve people. 
I got as many certifications as I could get my hands on: NASM CPT, CES, PES, SF, PN 1, PN2, SFG1, CFSC, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, and so on.
The trouble was that it didn’t matter how smart I was. I needed to learn how to sell my services to my perspective clients and help them see how my certifications would translate into a transformation for them.
Not only did I unleash a powerful burning passion to master the nuances of messaging and copy, I tripled my impact on the general population. I helped hundreds of personal trainers get better at the science of training and sell their products and services.
In fact, I was the fastest growing personal trainer to go from personal trainer to assistant fitness manager to fitness manager to district fitness manager player coach responsible for hiring and developing personal trainers and leaders.
Over the years, I’ve noticed the trainers who work the hardest are often the ones who end up struggling the longest.
Because they operate from the Coach's Curse – knowing that there’s always more out there to learn. It’s a gift for clients who want actual results, but it can often hurt the selling efforts. Clients who need their work often miss it.
I am on a mission to help smart-but-struggling personal trainers and physical therapists finally generate the revenue they want online and make the impact that they desire and deserve.

So, you have a choice. You can either take the slow track and keep trying to do it yourself, or click the button below for the guaranteed fast track.

The absolute last thing I want you to do is wait when you probably already know just how much this program will significantly help you. 

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*Full disclaimer: results may vary and fully depend on your implementation level.