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Health Pros: Increase your revenue up to 10k in 90 Days - Guaranteed.

If qualified for a spot, make your investment back  in 6 months or I'll personally work with you until you do.
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The average salary for a Personal Trainer is $25k-$45k per year, depending on your location. Even high-level Registered Dietitians who spend hours on their education and internships with often top out at a $75k salary. Chances are if you're here, you already care about the science, and I bet you've poured thousands of dollars and time in your education.

I also probably don't have to tell you that there are coaches out there who are less qualified than you generating $50k-$100k per month. The real question is: why?

What have the smart successful coaches figured out that majority of coaches haven’t? Why does success seem to be reserved for the few and most continue to struggle?

They don’t teach you how to get clients, generate revenue, and build a business in school.

But the truth? The second you start taking and looking for clients, you've started a business, and all businesses need a steady stream of leads and clients.

How are you supposed to increase revenue, grow your business without a proven process to help you bring in a steady stream of leads and clients?

As the fastest growing personal trainer, to assistant fitness manager, fitness manager, and to district fitness manager for a national gym, who was responsible for hiring and developing hundreds of personal trainers and helping generate $2.1M dollars a month, and then moving into the online space and going from intense struggle to generating multiple 6-figures online... I have seen a lot happen in the last few years.

Today, I run a multiple 6-figure company helping high level smart coaches start and grow their profitability inside of their business so that we can increase our impact, help more people, and generate more money.

When smart coaches make more money, more people move without pain, live fit and free, and have the means and influence to actually raise the industry standard and make a bigger impact.

When I look back on my experience and of my clients' experience, THIS is  the process that helped me go from $10k a year to $120k in a year.

I applied a proven process – strategy.
Put in a system to streamline – system.
I got a coach with an awesome community – support.

And the truth? I’ve had a coach ever since! 

The question you should fully consider is: how much money have you potentially missed out on by trying to do it all yourself?

How many successful businesses can you point to that got there completely on their own? Chances are not very many. A few? Sure, but do you really want to risk your financial health on slimmer chances of getting there on your own when you can fast track your success with the right strategy and support?

Imagine how much faster you will grow now if you did have the loving coach in your corner showing you the blindspots and removing roadblocks….

And how much FUTURE potential sales and impact are you potentially missing by continuing to stay on the path you’re currently on?

Which is exactly why I’ve created the PT Profit Accelerator 

Imagine Where Your Business Would Be Today if You Started 6 Months Ago:

Just like some of our past students


Do you really want to stay smart but struggling? Because…

The cold hard truth:
Unknown = Unpaid

If you’re anything like me and the coaches I work with, then you probably already realize just how important it is to master your messaging and position yourself as THE expert, craft the irresistible must have now product, and a purposeful plan to work effectively and efficiently.

Can you point to even just one successful coach with a profitable business you  look up to who does not have an impactful message or something to sell?

You Can't

It’s because they know what you might not have realized until now. When people have a problem, they search for a solution from the best expert: you.

They just haven’t found you yet.

Now is the time to build your business machine and get you paid. 

And if you’re considering waiting, I get it. It can be scary to invest in your dreams, but it’s also keeping you stuck.

It’s time to stand out fast, grow your business, and get you paid without working harder.


PT Profit Formula is the most effective way to take people who have never heard of you before and turn them into customers using your content without sleazy sales.


Build the profitable business machine that will help you generate consistent leads and turn them into customers the fastest most efficient way possible with an aligned business model for you.
We will ensure that you structure your business with low-maintenance programming and tech while also enabling you to deliver an amazing experience and results for your clients.
Create high-level magnetic messaging that connects with people on a subconscious level, creating an audience of raving fans who are excited to work with you in a way that makes the most sense for you inside of your business. You'll generate more revenue without working harder.
Then we’ll Guess, Test, and Assess because it is important to understand how to assess the results of your machine, detach from the outcomes, and know how to increase performance based on the results.
Create a front end paid lead acquisition process so you get paid to acquire leads.

Put the systems and people in place to streamline tech and team in place in order to reach maximum impact. Can you point to one successful business that does not have a system which consistently generates leads and turns those leads into customers? No! This system will make sure you never have to worry about cash flow, and it will help you stay consistent and steady month after month.
Put the team and people in place to start automating components of your business so that you grow your profit margins and get more of your time back.

How Does PT Profit Accelerator Work?

Imagine having access to the most cutting-edge strategies to effectively enhance your marketing and generate more sales month after month. No more wondering if you’re creating the right posts or content, and no more begging for clients. I will hand you a step-by-step play book with all of the structure and processes you need to help you find your own influential voice that attracts, connects, and converts your ideal clients without feeling like you're begging. Follow this process to uncover an aligned business model. If you put in the work and ask any questions you need to, you’ll be able to watch the money roll in.
When you enroll in PT Profit Accelerator, you’ll be given instant access to the 10 module curriculum so that you have time to learn and implement at the speed that works for you. Each module has a 5 minute progress submission so that you can be held accountable and submit for review.   It’s no secret that staying unknown keeps you unpaid. No one can buy from the internet’s best kept secret. What if I told you that in this coaching experience, you could create three times the content you put out in half the amount of time it currently takes you and everyone else – allowing you to be everywhere else, helping to shift your ideal clients’ perspectives to build natural demand for working with you?
You can’t change what you can’t see. The support within the PT Profit Accelerator is there to help you remove roadblocks, identify blindspots, and give you in-depth coaching anytime that you need it. We hold weekly group coaching calls where you can get your questions answered and learn valuable lessons from each other. While it can seem scary to share in front of others, it’s one of the best gifts we can give to each other. Why? Because you’ll find inspiration in other people’s questions, be able to help others based on your experience, and discover new questions you find listening to others get coached. Plus, we often have similar questions. Daily support is offered in the Facebook Group.
When you enroll in PT Profit Accelerator, you are joining a community. You will get lifetime access to your curriculum and ALL future program updates. Even after the 90 days of community support wrap up, the educational modules and resources will be there for you forever.
Enroll in PT Profit Accelerator, and you’ll be assigned your own dedicated accountability process. Your coach will be responsible for tracking your progress and helping you get unstuck every single week.
Building a business can be lonely. I get it – which is why when you enroll in the PT Profit Accelerator, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded, hard working professionals with whom you’ll be able to network, connect, and mastermind. You weren’t made to do this alone. Being in the room with people who are also ambitious and action takers will change the game for you. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable, and make friends for life.

The PT Profit Accelerator Curriculum

I will hand you a step-by-step play book with all of the structure and processes you need to help you find your own influential voice that attracts, connects, and converts your ideal clients without feeling like you're begging.

Operating as the successful coach CEO comes with a new perspective about what is possible for you. It’s time to design, craft, and build your business ascension model so that you can maximize your leverage. Upgrade your pricing and your offers, and get aligned with your vision and goals.
The truth about goal setting, why it doesn’t work and what does, and how to get crystal clear on your easy-to-execute achievable plan.
Craft the offer that clients are so excited about that they’ll get results even while you’re working less but still delivering a highly valuable customer experience that drives results and keeps you paid.
Build subconscious rapport and master the psychology of sales in your content so that you can actually stop selling, start serving, and still generate revenue. When you get this, your content will do 70% of the “selling” for you.
Become the go-to, sought after expert coach in your field and in your area, even in a seemingly “saturated” marketspace.
Fully understand how to create the content that attracts, connects, and converts strangers who have never heard of you before into paying customers who regard you as the go-to expert in your space. Stand apart in your industry, even if it feels like everyone is saying the same thing.
Set up and execute the systems with specific performance indicators, and leverage your time by setting up key performance indicators in all stages of the customer experience. This module is all about essential messaging elements on simplified tech, so even if you feel technology challenged, you can do it.
Decide how you’re going to position your offerings, and craft the messaging that cultivates the demand for your offer without being pushy, sleazy, or begging. Start to enroll people into your programs in a simple and effective way.
High-level messaging components connect on a subconscious level and close the gap between clients wanting the product to needing your product
It’s not over til you say it’s over, which means there is always money on the table. Review the upsell and downsell options to enhance the business ascension model, reach more people, and generate more revenue.
How Much Will Change In Your Business When You Have the Best Process and People in Place to Help You Amplify Your Results?
Can you point to one successful business that doesn’t have a system that consistently generates leads and turns those leads into customers? No! This system will make sure you never have to worry about cash flow, and it will help you stay consistent and steady month after month.

...and you get LIFETIME ACCESS.

As long as this program is up and running, you will get every new version and update.


PLUS... 3 months of custom and community support to guarantee success.

3-4 Group Coaching Calls a Week

    • Messaging & Copy

    • Systems, Sales, & Scaling

    • Traffic & Marketing (Paid & Organic)

    • Weekly Board Meetings. 

Calls are typically Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

We don't require you to show up to EVERY call. (We recommend one call a week, if you can't make it live, you also have daily access for support. 

PLUS... Monthly Guest Experts 

In addition to all the community support, you'll also receive 1:1s with ME.

Here's how it works: The custom calls follow the curriculum and are designed to meet you at YOUR pace. We will go through these calls in your first 90 days, and then move to monthly performance calls for the next 90 days.

Your 1:1 Calls in the First 90 Days:

  • Call 1 - Onboarding and Define Your Custom Profit Plan so that you begin to see results in 7 days.
  • Call 2 -  Advanced Subconscious Self System so that you master the art and science of selling without selling.
  • Call 3 - Set -Up System and Automations to maximize leverage.
  • Call 4 - Review Results and Increase Performance.

...as well as each of these Bonuses!

Bonus 1

Private PT Profit Accelerator Video Community Group

You’ll get 6 month access to the Accelerator community group with DAILY access to custom support messaging guidance and feedback on their content pieces, landing pages, any type of support needed in between office hours.

Bonus 2 

1 Ticket to a LIVE (or Virtual) Event


Bonus 3 

Access to the Growing Guest Vault with over 30 Hours of Guest Expert Trainings plus the access to attend NEW workshops and answer your questions live.


Create A Profitable


Money Mindset
And Manifesting


Improve Your
Copy Writing Skills


Grow and Monetize


Optimize Linkedin
For Sales


Optimize Youtube


On Nutrition Science


Instagram Growth


On Thought Reversals


On Rethinking Human Performance

Here's What People Say About Working with Beverley

Stacey Schaedler

Owner of
Stacey Schaedler Strength


"Keeping up with everything when it comes to social media and marketing when you are a mom of two little ones that’s never actually had an online business is HARD. Pretty much impossible without help. I chose Beverly because I could relate to her and I felt like she could relate to me. I needed a partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and force me outside of my comfort zone. I needed help thinking bigger picture and support when I was feeling lost. Weekly meetings with Beverly kept me moving forward and trying new things. I ran my first challenge, did a Facebook ad and dipped my toes in a membership subscription."

Dr. Shaun Astorga

Co-Founder of
AMP Performance Rehab & Sports Physical Therapist


"I moved my business online earlier this year and didn’t know what I was doing. I posted random things on random days. People would DM me and I wouldn’t know what to do with the conversation. I knew the big picture direction of my company, but I struggled with taking the necessary actions to get it there.
I started working with Beverley around 12 weeks ago, and it was the best decision I made for myself and my business. Her approach is principles-based, which resonates well with me. She provides clarity on what needs to be done and is very accessible…I especially appreciated this during my first product launch.
Since working with Beverley we have consistently increased our online one-on-one client base, as well as launched the beta version of our group mentorship program for other clinicians and trainers. I feel clear on the steps I need to be taking and how to get my message out to my ideal clients.
I highly recommend working with Beverley if you are struggling to get the results you want with your business!"

Romina Kostich

Skilled Strong
Fitness Trainer


"I knew I wanted to mentor under Beverley as soon as I saw her speak. The last 12 weeks of group mentorship have pushed me to finally get uncomfortable in the best way possible and put myself and my messaging out into the virtual world - and it worked! I put on 3 clients in 1 week after not having developed new business in almost a year, and I now have a system for growing my audience and converting followers to clients. As soon as I started applying her principles & communicating the value of what I have to offer I started to fall in love with the process & the lessons that come with owning a business. I've grown from feeling lost and anxious, to determined and confident that I'll be as successful as I want to be so long as I put in the work that she has taught me how to do. If you're anything like me having not known where to start or if I could even do this for real, I highly recommend working with Beverley."

Erin Murray

Owner of
Erin Murray Wellness


"I can't say enough about Beverley. What would my business be without her?? Not much! She has truly been essential in the journey of strategizing my business by helping me get clear on my goals, beliefs, and constructing the offer. She has helped me discover and better understand my audience, and think of my goals in a whole new way. Some of my biggest hurdles have been my mindset, and she's also been critical in helping me shift towards a more abundant mindset that can make business decisions from a positive place. I don't think other coaches could ever help create that shift, which is at the core of the amazing results. And on top of all that, we launched my first product ever and it totally exceeded my expectations and doubled my income. I could not have done this without Beverley at all. She's amazing at what she does and has the energy, knowledge, and skills to execute. I don't want my business to ever not have her presence!"
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I have helped over 100 personal trainers become 6-figure earners and beyond both in person and online, and now it is your turn!
My clients have spent thousands of dollars to work with me in a close intimate setting, and this is the first time I’m bringing anything like this to the market.
Over the past few years, I have seen too many incredibly smart coaches and clinicians struggle to launch their products and services in a way that attracts and connects with their ideal clients.
They continually struggle to get their message out in front of the people who need to see it.
If you don’t reach your ideal clients, you are never going to make the sales that you want, and you will never ever be able to afford or invest in the future that you desire and deserve.
I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as possible so that I can help you get in front of your people.
The PT Profit Formula may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get real results with all the support, coaching, and accountability that you need to turn your small investment into huge dividends in your future.
This investment will pay you pack for the rest of your life with a business that lets you work less and earn more.
So tell me….

Are you in?

Let's recap what's included

  • Business Marketing Core Module Training with lifetime access to continue to refine the principle based course curriculum

  • Organic Audience Building Strategies using video, podcast, and social media.

  • Plug and Play Strategy Maps so that you know exactly what to post and what to say in your voice that moves your clients.

  • Video Communication Community so that you can practice being on camera and connect on the go, get content reviewed and mastermind with like minded professionals.

  • Weekly Group Support Calls so that your coach can help you answer questions and remove roadblocks to actually get help implementing the proven process.

  • Access to the Guest Vault with over 30 hours of cutting edge expert advice from.

  • Facebook Ads Support Calls so that you can start to test and amplify your message and business machine.

Given the intensive nature of the onboarding spots, we limit the number of people per month in order to guarantee success. Answer a couple short questions and secure your spot on our calendar.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know that if you do all the work and follow the step-by-step process you will without a doubt generate more revenue. So much so that I’m willing to take on all the risk. Go through the program, show up, do the work, and if you still find it didn't work, then you get your money back.

Standard Formula Enrollment 

Or Pay in Full to Save

Accelerator Enrollment 

PLUS These Incredible Bonuses Are Exclusively Waiting for you When You Join today


A full mini course designed to go from overlooked to fully booked in 30 days organically without using ads.



So that you can make back your investment in 30 days or less.


An entire course dedicated to optimizing your Pinterest so you can generate leads and sales in your sleep.

Over 100 ethically persuasive content prompts designed to attract, connect, and convert people who have never heard of you before into raving potential customers excited to buy from you. Included: canva training and templates.

Are you ready to bet on yourself?

Book a call
What’s Included

Your Success Is Inevitable

I am so certain that everything you need to generate revenue and be successful is inside of this course, that I am willing to take on all the risk.

When you:
-watch all assigned material and submit the work.
-book all of your 1:1s.
-come to 80% of 1 call a week.
-submit your weekly check-in.
-receive and implement the feedback, I will personally keep working with you until you make your investment back, and if after 6 mos you don't make your investment back we will work with you until you do.

So really, what do you have to lose?

Wondering if PT Profit Accelerator is for You?

  • You want to generate an extra $10-40k per month from your products and services online.
  • You’re ready to leverage your time, energy, and ready to stop trading $ for hour and make a bigger impact.
  • You know that coaching will help remove roadblocks and uncover blind spots that you wouldn’t be able to see on your own.
  • You want to be surrounded by industry thought leaders and experts in order to make a greater impact and raise the industry standards.
  • You have a deep desire to serve others and care about your students success and satisfaction as if their wins were your own. 
  • You already have an idea of who you want to serve and how you want to serve them. Either you’re just getting started, but familiar with business growth and willing to go the extra mile to catch up or you’ve been struggling for a while and ready to accelerate and have your breakthrough year.
  • You’re open and willing to be coached and don’t want to make the mistakes that cost others thousands, and you want to speed up your learning curve.

  • You have ZERO clue what kind of offer you want to create or if you even want to do this.
  • You’re not willing to get uncomfortable and learn from your mistakes
  • You’re not willing to be open, receive, and give to the community.
  • You are an opportunity seeker, and looking for the quick-fix solution to turn your computer into an ATM without putting in any effort and rushing to fix your money concerns.

I’m not here to convince you of anything, I’m on a mission to help the coaches who are ready to go all in, bet on themselves, and commit to growing a profitable fitness business. The PT Profit Formula is  designed for the health and wellness business owner who is ready to start generating revenue online using their content.

This isn’t some quick gimmicky get rich quick, learn the next best sales funnel, some missing hack to help you make 1M in 90 days.

This is going to equip you with the principles, strategies, and skills to master in order to generate any amount of revenue in your heart without having to work HARDER.

This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy,  and you’re probably much closer to your goals than you realize all you need is to 100% commitment to your dreams.

Are you ready to bet on yourself?


If Our Clients Are Seeing These Type of Results, Imagine What is Possible for You When You Have Access to the Same Training:

Former District Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan turned 6-figure Online Personal Training Business Owner and a whole lotta lessons learned later…

Hi! I’m Beverley, and when I first became a personal trainer almost 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to help people. Fitness transformed my life. I stopped living in a narcissistic mindset, started loving my body, and helped my clients live a healthy diet free lifestyle.
I got up every morning and hustled in the gym from 6am until 8pm, day in and day out, wanting more than anything to help people feel free from the current and common miserable lifestyles.
I believed that in order to make that happen I needed to become the smartest trainer in the building because science is linear and would help me serve people. 
I got as many certifications as I could get my hands on: NASM CPT, CES, PES, SF, PN 1, PN2, SFG1, CFSC, TRX, Kettlebell Concepts, and so on.
The trouble was that it didn’t matter how smart I was. I needed to learn how to sell my services to my perspective clients and help them see how my certifications would translate into a transformation for them.
Not only did I unleash a powerful burning passion to master the nuances of messaging and copy, I tripled my impact on the general population. I helped hundreds of personal trainers get better at the science of training and sell their products and services.
In fact, I was the fastest growing personal trainer to go from personal trainer to assistant fitness manager to fitness manager to district fitness manager player coach responsible for hiring and developing personal trainers and leaders.
Over the years, I’ve noticed the trainers who work the hardest are often the ones who end up struggling the longest.
Because they operate from the Coach's Curse – knowing that there’s always more out there to learn. It’s a gift for clients who want actual results, but it can often hurt the selling efforts. Clients who need their work often miss it.
I am on a mission to help smart-but-struggling personal trainers and physical therapists finally generate the revenue they want online and make the impact that they desire and deserve.

So, the Choice is Yours

You can continue to keep doing what you’ve always done, grind into the ground, keep guessing and hoping something works…

Or you can effectively accelerate with all the accountability, and support that you need to get your business to the next level.

Book a Call